Dining & Drinking Alone in Melbourne

Whether you agree with all – or none – of M. F. K. Fisher’s views, eating solo in restaurants is one of those things – like paying tax and realising that Santa isn’t going to visit forever – that all grown-ups eventually have to confront.
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10 Apps to Make Travelling on Business So Much Easier

Travelling for business reasons can both be a pleasure and a stressful time for all involved. Whether they’re short or long, business trips can be tedious, but they need not be. Being organised is one of the keys to having a successful business trip. But how do you stay organised on your travels when you just want to focus on your work? Luckily, there’s a selection of apps that can help make your business travel a breeze. We took a look at some of the most popular business travel apps (and some hidden gems) and selected our favourites.


1If you’re constantly losing your hotel reservation numbers, flight itinerary and travel details, this is the app you need. Just forward any confirmation emails of bookings from hotels, flights and car hire, and the app will organise all of your travel details to give you a one-stop master itinerary that you can access on all devices. You can also share the itinerary with friends, family and colleagues so that they can follow where you are and ensure you are safe and on time.

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Worth Every Mile: Tips for Better Business Travel


When you’re racking up the air mileage on business travel, you are probably using a lot of the same services and accommodations multiple times. Flights, hotels, restaurants and transportation are all common expenses and there are various ways to reap the benefits of spending on When you’re racking up the air mileage on business travel, you are probably using a lot of the same services and accommodations multiple times. Flights, hotels, restaurants and transportation are all common expenses and there are various ways to reap the benefits of spending on these.

Even if you are a ‘million miler’ business travel expert and your company covers your expenses, below are a few tips and perks to make flying the friendly skies a little friendlier.

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Melbourne’s Top Tracks and Trails for Running

Even when you’re away from your local gym or fitness class, there’s no reason why you can’t maintain your health and fitness. There’s one thing that anyone can do to look after themselves anywhere – whether they are a business traveller or a true local – and that is to run. Running not only burns calories and clears the mind, but it also allows you to see another side of a city. Whether it’s to reset after a busy day in the boardroom or just to get some much needed time to yourself, here are some runs you should try in Melbourne.

Princes Park

Image Source

Image Source


As a flat track, this is one of Melbourne’s most popular running spots. The 3.2km circuit runs around the park, and you can choose from asphalt or dirt for your preferred running surface. If you find yourself finishing work late and still want to run, this is a perfect choice as it is well lit during the darker hours.

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7 of the Best Melbourne Conference Venues

The success of a conference can depend on the venue in which its held, and Melbourne has a whole host of options for conferences of any size and theme. Whether you are looking for a large function centre with breakout rooms, or a more intimate venue to inspire creativity, you have plenty of options. Here are some of our favourite conference venues in Melbourne:

Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Image  via ACMI

Image via ACMI

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is located in Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square. With award-winning architecture, it’s the perfect place to hold a conference for anywhere between 20 and 400 attendees.

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Why Melbourne is Australia’s Most Liveable City in 2015

shutterstock_178904972 Neale Cousland /
When considering Australia’s best cities, Sydney tends to grab the limelight and garner attention for being one of Australia’s most beautiful cities. But when it comes to Australia’s most liveable city – you can’t go past Melbourne. Here’s why.

Friendly people

Melbournians have always considered themselves to be a friendly bunch, but if there was ever any doubt, Melbourne was officially voted the world’s friendliest city by Conde Nast Traveler magazine in 2014.

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When in Melbourne: 27 Apps You Need

shutterstock_186918101Whether you’re travelling to Melbourne for business, pleasure, or a mixture of the two, being prepared in advance will help you enjoy your stay to the fullest. Download these apps and you will never be stuck for a way to get around, you won’t be left searching endlessly for the perfect coffee, and you definitely won’t wonder what to do with a night off.

Getting Around

Melbourne is fairly easy to navigate, with the streets having been designed in a grid formation. But with so many transport options available, you’ll be needing a few of these apps to help you get from place to place.

1Melbourne Airport – Free

This app provides you with everything you need to know about Melbourne Airport. From terminal maps to food and drink options, and perhaps most importantly, live flight information.

2Ingogo – Free
Never fight for a taxi again. This app allows you to book a taxi and see where it is in real time. Payment is made through the app, making it even easier to get to your destination.

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11 Bag Packing Tips to Make Your Business Trip Successful


You finally get home from work to pack for that anticipated business trip… and you don’t know where to start. Make sure you remember all the essentials with these 11 tips for packing for a business trip.

  • Make a checklist of what you plan to take, so that it can easily be ticked off as items are packed. This can also be used as a reference to take with you so that when it comes time to pack up and head home, you can ensure you have everything that you took with you and don’t leave anything behind.

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Working As An Expat In Australia: Employee Rights and Money Matters


So you’ve made it to Australia, and you are officially an “expat”. You may be here to work in Australia for a period of time. If so, you must have a valid Australian visa with work rights – either a working holiday visa, student visa or 457 visa (essentially where an employer sponsors you to work in Australia).

Once here, there are rules of performance on your visa and as well as rights you have as an employee.

Your workplace health and safety rights

Every worker in Australia is entitled to basic employee entitlements under state workplace, health and safety laws. State laws mean that if you are working in NSW, then NSW workplace laws apply to you. If you are in South Australia then their workplace laws apply and so on for each state.

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Business Dining: Etiquette, What to Eat, and Where to Eat in Melbourne

A successful business meal requires a lot of thought, planning and attention to detail. Your table manners will be observed and evaluated by a client or recruiter while you engage in a professional conversation over a meal. The business meal will test your character – it can show a client that you’re a poised and sophisticated executive or it can show a future employer how you might interact with clients.


For dining success, the following will look at the rules of business dinner etiquette, foods to eat, and where to eat in Melbourne.

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